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The New Höfner Green Line Finish

"We can imagine no higher-quality finish for our instruments"

For more than 25 years now, we have been carrying Green Line instruments in our range and we never tire of constantly learning and optimising our guitars. After a long period of development, we are pleased to announce that we are now finishing the majority of our classical and acoustic guitars with the Höfner Green Line finish. We have also switched to our Höfner Green Line finish on a number of our models that are built with traditional tonewoods such as rosewood or mahogany. 

For the coating of all Green Line instruments, we use the wafer-thin “Höfner Green Line Finish”. It consists of natural oils and waxes, is particularly low-emission and is both saliva and perspiration-proof, tested according to EN71/T3. The Höfner Green Line Finish provides a warm and natural play of colour to the tonewoods and protects the surface. The finish also ensures optimal playability of the neck and is open-pored and breathable. It also has a positive influence on the oscillation characteristics of the instrument. Not only in terms of sound but also feel, it has many advantages over a conventional high-gloss finish - it furthermore is gentle on our planet and we can therefore imagine no higher-quality finish for our instruments. We now also use our Höfner Green Line Finish on various instruments outside our Green Line series. 

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