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Jody Tennant - Fab Fourever

Jody Tennant - Fab Fourever

When he was a wee lad, Jody would often listen to his parents’ records. There were several that stood out for him and he would play them over and over again. These records were of course from two groups: The Beatles, and Wings.  Jody would listen to these records and pretend to be the bassist using a tennis racquet for a guitar. 

Fast forward 25 years and while attending a Paul McCartney concert, Jody and his family were asked to come backstage to meet Paul after the show. This chance meeting was the spark needed for him to realize a dream. He wanted to perform as a Beatle tribute artist. 

In 2006, the Fab Fourever was born. Jody, wanting to re-create the beautiful symmetry that was the Beatles in concert, taught himself to play guitar and bass left-handed, and purchased his first Höfner Violin bass, “I can remember the excitement of purchasing my first Höfner. I was like a kid at Christmas, it was beautiful, and it played like a dream. I’d wanted one since I was a child”. Jody now performs with a Höfner V62 & V63 as well as the ‘Cavern’ bass. 

Based in Vancouver Canada, The Fab Fourever endeavor to be authentic in every way. All of the music is performed live, without the use of backing tracks or vocal overdubs. Their theatre show consists of a multi-media presentation, four costume changes (with corresponding matching instruments), with attention to detail that is unprecedented. They tour throughout Western Canada, and have performed in the U.K. and 2016 will see them tour in Asia. 

Foremost, The Fab Fourever are Beatle fans, and that enjoyment of the music translates into a passion and an energy onstage, that becomes infectious and you too will be taken on an amazing journey of musical transcendence.

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